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You can vote for Moores Hill in the 'Innovative Process Award' for our new, 100% off grid winery where we now process our grapes.

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Here's our description of our innovation  and its impact: 

We have built Tasmania’s first 100% off grid commercial winery enabling us to process our grapes on site. The winery runs entirely on solar power using a 30kW array and 81kW hours of battery storage. We use water collected from the roof and a closed loop system treats waste.

Our sustainable approach has been applauded by customers and encouraged other Tasmanian wineries to investigate solar power.

By independently generating power, we’ve overcome the threat of rising electricity prices and uncertain supply.

The architecturally designed winery sits proudly in the landscape and our winery tours have added another dimension to our cellar door tourism experience. The project aligns with Tasmania’s clean & green image and has positively enhanced the Moores Hill brand.

Voting takes only afew seconds: Look for category 06: Innovative Process Award

Voting closes on September 10th, 2017. Thank you for your vote