2016 Pinot Rosé


2016 Pinot Rosé


Our popular Pinot Rosé is back! Chill it down and light the BBQ

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Made from Pinot Noir, fermented cold and bottled early, this wine displays a perfumed nose of honey dew melon. On the palate, there's juicy red fruit and a crunch of watermelon, finishing with a refreshing crispness. A perfect anytime, anywhere aperitif or as the perfect kick off for long Summer lunches. A fun wine for good times in good company.

  • Hand picked Pinot Noir fruit grown at Moores Hill 
  • Juice from first pressings of Pinot Noir is siphoned off 
  • Made from 2 parcels of Pinot Noir fruit 
  • Juice and skins are left together for 24 hours to draw a blush
  • Fermented to dryness

Shipping: $ Free anywhere in Australia