Fish + Chips & Sparkling Blanc de blancs

Sparkling with fish & chips
Recipe Date: July 27, 2021
Serving Size: 2
Difficulty: Easy
Measurements: Metric

Homemade fish & chips with a zesty twist and a bottle of fizz. Sounds like a great night in. Created for us by Another Food Blogger.


  • White fish x 330g - snapper, cod, flake, latchet or similar
  • Brushed potatoes x 600g
  • Canola oil x 600ml
  • Lime zest x 1 tsp
  • For the aioli-
  • Wasabi paste x 3 tbsp
  • Garlic x 1 clove
  • Lime juice x 1 tsp
  • Egg yolks x 2
  • For the batter-
  • Salt x 1 tsp
  • Togaroshi x 2 tsp
  • Flour x 50g
  • Cold sparkling water x 100ml



  1. Mix togaroshi & salt together and set aside


  1. Add wasabi, egg, garlic, lime juice & salt to a food processor. Blitz to combine
  2. Gradually add the oil to the egg mix until it thickens
  3. If you aioli is a little too thick then you can add a splash of cold water
  4. Store in the fridge until necessary


  1. Add flour and togaroshi salt to a mixing bowl, gradually whisk the sparkling water in until smooth
  2. Store in the fridge until necessary


  1. Clean the potatoes and cut into finger sized pieces. Leave the skin on!
  2. Heat the canola oil to 140c and fry the potatoes for 6 minutes at 140c (you may need to do this in batches). Remove and leave on a baking tray to cool
  3. Fry fish (see next step)
  4. While fish is resting add the chips back in @ 180c and cook for a further 1-2 minutes until brown and crispy
  5. Remove to a bowl lined with paper towel
  6. Add a pinch togaroshi salt & lime zest, toss to combine. Adjust seasoning to your liking


  1. Heat oil to 180c
  2. Cut fish into 150g pieces and season with salt
  3. Dip in the fish in the batter until coated
  4. Place fish in the hot oil away from you so the hot oil won’t splash you
  5. Cook for 6 minutes or until the fish is golden brown. Bare in mind if your fish is very thick it will take longer to cook
  6. Remove, season with togaroshi salt and allow to cool on a wire rack while the chips cook


  • The salt will last for AGES so feel free to make a little extra. This is why we add the lime zest in separately so that there isn’t an expiry date
  • Cold batter means crispier fish – always use cold sparkling water and store on ice or in the fridge until ready to use
  • Cut your fish to even sized pieces so that it cooks evenly
  • Don’t overload the fryer or pot of oil – too many potatoes will drop the heat too low and you will have soggy chips
  • The aioli will keep for about 3 days in the fridge
  • If you want to make it easier you can buy wasabi kewpie mayo or even just mix mayonnaise/wasabi paste together #cheating 😉